Script Samples

Mystery Meat

Dark Comedy/Crime

Produced for the 2022 48-Hour Detroit Film Festival, recipient of the Best Dark Comedy award, and nominated for Best Screenplay, this story revolves around a reluctant hitman who works for a shady restaurant and his final mission before he is out of the business forever.
Into the Woods


Two friends take a shortcut on the way to a lake house with their friends. But when they run out of gas and can’t get a phone signal, the boys get stranded in the woods as a mysterious creature haunts them.
When the Music Died


A short story about a young musician who has given up on music after his father’s passing and his path to rediscovering his passion.
Midnight Adventure


A short story about three college roommates who go on a drunken, late-night adventure and find something otherworldly happening in a building across the street from their apartment.
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